China-America Friendship Association (CAFA)

1. The China-America Friendship Association:

The China-America Friendship Association was founded in 1992 and was officially registered in New York State in 1994. The China-America Friendship Association (CAFA) is a world-renowned Chinese non-profit organization founded by the honorable Chen Xiangmei, an influential overseas Chinese leader, social activist, and chairman of the American Council for International Cooperation.

Honorable Madam Chen Xiangmei was a policy adviser to eight presidents from Kennedy to Clinton. She served as the bridge for the ice-breaking journey of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, and ultimately facilitated the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Madam Chen often traveled between the United States and China, actively promoted the exchanges between the United States and China, and enjoyed the reputation of "Chinese-American People Ambassador". In 1981, she visited China as the special envoy of President Reagan and was received by the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping. Deng Xiaoping highly praised her and said: “There is only one Chen Xiangmei in the world.” After Clinton took office, she helped to set up a scholarship exchange program between the United States and China. She donated funds to establish the "Chen Xiangmei Outstanding Principal Award" and the "Chen Xiangmei Education Fund Outstanding Teacher Award".

President Xi Jinping presented Madam Chen Xiangmei with a Commemorative Medal for the Anniversary of the Victory of the Anti-Japanese War.

The China-America Friendship Association (CAFA) promotes the friendly exchanges between the people of China and the United States and promotes the interaction between the high-level officials of China and the United States; organizes domestic governments and enterprises to go to the United States for training and conducts economic and trade governance talks; promotes cultural, educational, technological, and artistic Unremitting efforts have been made in exchanges and cooperation. The China-America Friendship Association has obtained the "Certificate of Introducing Foreign Cultural and Educational Experts to Work in China" licensed by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of the People's Republic of China, and has also been designated as an overseas training channel for the United States. In recent years, CAFA had arranged to receive hundreds of groups for training and exchanges ranging from ministers and governors from both sides to ordinary universities and enterprises; in particular, CAFA had received many investment delegations led by governors and mayors and arranged counterparts. Governance Forum; At the same time, countless high-quality talents are introduced for the development of various fields in China.

The China-America Friendship Association has branches and representative offices in the United States and China, under which there are Sino-U.S. Friendship Bus Company, Kexun Tourism Group Corporation and affiliated companies covering services in high-tech, trade, and finance.

2. The Mission of the China-America Friendship Association:

1. Professional investigation and economic and trade governance talks

The United States is the largest market for China’s exports and the largest source of China’s trade surplus. The China-America Friendship Association was able to contact the U.S. federal government and various

State and municipal governments and directly affiliated institutions contact DuPont, General Motors, Microsoft, IBM and other international top 50 companies to connect domestic enterprises with international standards, attract investment, and develop international

Cooperation pave the way.

2. Overseas training, study abroad, immigration and talent discovery program

The China-America Friendship Association is backed by a wide range of and authoritative institutions such as Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, Harvard University, University of California, Columbia University, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University and the State University of New York. CAFA had received support and help from the upper echelons of the U.S. government and major companies. Provide high-quality education and training for national civil servants, senior corporate managers and professionals, provide information consultation and related services for many overseas students, provide information introduction, legal consultation, visa application and related services for citizens to settle abroad, and provide domestic Introduce professionals in various industries.

3. Establishing Sino-U.S. Sister Cities. Based on the trend of world economic development and the needs of both China and the United States, the Association will give consulting services based on the opportunities and situations in China and the United States, and wholeheartedly promote the China-US cooperation programs. The establishment of friendly relations will promote investment promotion and project cooperation among sister cities; promote more extensive exchanges between the two parties in political, economic, cultural and other fields, and learn from each other in urban and human settlement construction.

On international Capital Operation, China-America Friendship Association, relying on its own advantages, assists domestic enterprises to contact government agencies including the US Federal Treasury Bureau, the New York State Treasury Bureau; the US Goldman Sachs Group, the US Ruijin and other world-class financial companies such as Citi Ban, Bank of America as well as other top accounting and law firms in the United States. CAFA provides guarantee for domestic enterprises to understand and expand overseas financing channels, solve financing bottlenecks, and win domestic and overseas venture capital investments.

The China-America Friendship Association is a strategic partner of China-US Friendship Overseas Consulting Co., Ltd. Columbia Institute of Education and the US-China Friendship Association are strategic partners:

The current chairman of the association is the 27-year gold medal veteran Solomon Ortiz of Texas.


The general counsel of the association is Tricia Nixon Cox, the daughter of former US President Nixon. She has long been committed to the cause of Sino-US friendship and has made outstanding contributions to promoting the friendship between China and the United States.

The general advisor is a senior professor at Harvard University (special consultant of the State Council of China, senior consultant of RAND Corporation in the United States) William H. Overholt.

Xiao Yunfei is the executive chairman of the association, is the art consultant of Princeton University (Acssy), the general counsel of Yale University (Acssy), the special question of Columbia University CU-Asia, the president of Lincoln Performing Arts Group in New York, the visiting professor of Northwest Aviation University, Nanjing Normal University, and the Sino-US friendly abroad General Counsel of Consulting Co., Ltd.











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